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Airtel 4G Speedtest

How do you demo 4G capabilities to 3G smartphone users in scale?

Airtel launched the first 4G network in India. But 4G supported handsets were still a rarity in the country. In fact, most of the country were still using 2G.

Airtel was convinced that if they could get subscribers to experience the difference they would gladly board the 4G bandwagon.

We hosted Airtel 4G Hangout, a live stream event where internet users could join over Google Hangouts on Air and remotely take control of a 4G enabled handset to experience 4G vs. 3G real-time.

The Flexball Challenge

When Gillette launched their latest razor, millenials weren't sure it was worth their money.

After 13 years of research and development, Gillette was all set to launch their Flexball Fusion Pro Guide razor in India. However, a social listening exercise revealed that millennial were skeptical of Gillette's innovation.

We challenged detractors to play a game of tic-tac-toe with Gillette Flexball on Twitter. Players had to tweet their moves and Gillette Flexball would reply to them with a video snippet of it's response.

Integrating the game algorithm with Twitter's API enabled any number of players to engage with the Flexbot simultaneously and get responses real-time.

Project IG: @youtubeindia

When Twitteratis flocked to Instagram, YouTube India started feeling left out.

Having a new official Instagram account was not a trivial affair for the folks at YouTube India. A new social account would require a green signal from Google Social Labs, the entity that focuses on the organisation's social presence.

We used Global Web Index data and the expertise of some in-house #igers to put forward a strong case for YouTube India having their own Instagram profile.

Unlock The Potential with #Innoday

Siemens India didn't want their fans to miss out on the country's first Innovation Day.

In 2018, Siemens took their prestigious annual event out of Munich and hosted the Indian chapter of Innovation Day. It was an exciting moment for Siemens India. But the event had limited invites and they didn't want their loyal followers on social to miss out.

We got on the ground and used #UnlockThePotential to create conversation around the live event on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We sweetened the deal for some of the fans when Roland Busch, CTO of Siemens joined for a tweet chat and engaged with fans directly on how they can Unlock The Potential in their industry.


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